Join Our New Kids Club Today. It's FREE!

Want your kiddos to be a part of the latest and greatest kids ONLY feature of our Rewards program? Then sign them up for our FREE Kids Club today! Join the Munchsters on their fun foodie adventures as they teach kids about healthy eating, kitchen safety, cooking and more! Kids get a FREE piece of fruit every time you shop, plus you'll get info on exclusive Kids Club savings, fun store events, coloring contests, a monthly e-newsletter just for kids and a FREE treat for their birthday every year.

Check your store receipts for money-saving offers exclusively for Kids Club members! These offers will automatically be added to your Rewards account digital coupons to redeem on your next visit.



We're excited to introduce Adventure Fruit, a brand new program exclusively for our Kids Club Members. Each month, Kids Club Members will receive a FREE offer for an Adventure Fruit - a new and different fruit variety to taste each month. This fun new Adventure Fruit program is for Kids Club Members only and will be available in addition to our standard Free Fruit for Kids program* which is available for all children. The free Adventure Fruit offer will be pre-loaded to Kids Club Members' Rewards accounts at the beginning of each month. To find out what the Adventure Fruit is each month, be sure to check out our Kids Club email, your first shopping receipt each month or our mobile app. 
*The Adventure Fruit DOES NOT replace the Free Fruit for Kids Program. The Free Fruit for Kids program allows every child who visits our store (regardless of whether they're in Kids Club or not) to enjoy a free snack sized apple, orange or banana while their family shops.