Dietitian Store Tour Schedule - Midland & Odessa


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Whole Foods Plant Based Diet

This tour will take you around the store and show you all the variety of foods that you CAN eat when following this diet. The dietitian will also point out some great products that can be used to increase the protein in your diet. This will be a fun and interactive tour designed to help guests feel more comfortable with grocery shopping and empower them to make significant changes for better health.

Healthy Heart Cart

Smart shopping for your heart can lead to benefits for your entire body and mind. The dietitian will provide you with tips and tricks to shopping heart healthy through the aisles. From produce to the frozen section, the entire store will be incorporated! We’ll introduce you to our Health Tags program to help make shopping easier for you. Specifically, you’ll learn about our heart healthy, fiber, low sodium, low saturated fat labels and how to use them. We’ll point out foods to put on your shopping list that will give you the heart cart advantage.

Easy Diabetes

Let our dietitians show you which foods will help you improve your glucose and what you should avoid. This tour is designed to help you make healthier selections when grocery shopping, aid in the management of your blood sugar, help you understand carbohydrates and how they impact your blood glucose, and reduce your risk of diabetes-related complications.

Healthy Shopping 101

From food service to produce, meats, seafood, dairy, and all the aisles in between, discover the basics of shopping with health in mind. Learn how to use our Health Tags program to guide you to the best choices in foods you already buy and to add some healthy new options to you cart. You’ll leave armed with ways to make meal planning easier and better.