Straight From the Butcher's Block

No Hormones. No Antibiotics. 100% Vegetarian Diet

The finest USDA Choice Beef Available

Only 8% of Beef Meets This Brand's Standards

Consistent Marbling Ensures Each Steak is Tender, Juicy, and Flavorful Every Time

Incredibly Flavorful, Tender and Juicy

The Finest All Natural USDA Choice Beef Available

Meets Very High Standards for Marbling, Flavor, and Quality

Fed a Strictly Vegetarian Diet with No Antibiotics or Hormones

Finest Beef Available

The Top 2% of Beef is Prime Certified

Highest Degree of Marbling

Featured in the Most Exclusive Restaurants

Quality Always

Higher in Omega 3's

Lower in Overall Fat, Cholesterol and Calories

Contains 3 Times More Vitamin E than Grain-Fed Beef

Produced by Texans for Texans

Raised and Sold Exclusively in Texas

Stringent Selection Process Ensures the Best Quality

Reasonably Priced

USDA Select