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Join our dietitians on a store tour designed to help you make the healthiest choices in every aisle and department. You’ll experience first-hand how Market Street can help support your health and wellness goals. Choose from the following tours: 

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Easy Diabetes Shopping

Let our dietitians show you which foods will help you improve your glucose and what you should avoid. This tour is designed to help you make healthier selections when grocery shopping, aid in the management of your blood sugar, help you understand carbohydrates and how they impact your blood glucose, and reduce your risk of diabetes-related complications.

March 3 - Amarillo. Noon
March 5 - Wichita Falls. 5:30pm
March 12 - Lubbock (50th & Indiana). 6:00pm
April 1 - Lubbock (98th & Quaker). 6:00pm
April 2 - Wichita Falls. 5:30pm
April 6 - Lubbock (98th & Quaker). Noon
April 14 - Amarillo. 6:00pm

Healthy Shopping 101

From food service to produce, meats, seafood, dairy, and all the aisles in between, discover the basics of shopping with health in mind. Learn how to use the NuVal™ nutrition scoring system to guide you to the best choices in foods you already buy and to add some healthy new options to you cart. You’ll leave armed with ways to make meal planning easier and better.

March 3 - Amarillo. 6:00pm
March 3 - Lubbock (19th & Quaker). 6:00pm
March 5 - Lubbock (50th & Indiana). 4:00pm 
March 26 - Wichita Falls. 5:30pm
April 14 - Amarillo. Noon
     April 20 - Lubbock (19th & Quaker). Tour is full
April 23 - Wichita Falls. 5:30pm

Healthy Heart Cart

Smart shopping for your heart can lead to benefits for your entire body and mind. Learn how the NuVal™ nutrition scoring system can guide you to heart smart choices throughout the store. Put NuVal™ to work as you focus on beneficial versus detrimental fats and oils, sodium, and total calories instead of trying to decipher detailed food labels. We’ll point out foods to put on your shopping list that will give you the heart cart advantage.

March 12 - Wichita Falls. 5:30pm
    March 24 - Lubbock (98th & Quaker). 6:00pm - Tour is full
March 30 - Amarillo. 6:00pm
April 14 - Lubbock (50th & Indiana). 4:00pm
April 16 - Wichita Falls. 5:30pm
     April 20 - Amarillo. Tour Closed
April 30 - Lubbock (19th & Quaker). 6:00pm

Living Gluten/Dairy Free

Shopping can be a challenge for those with allergies or food intolerances, even in a supermarket full of foods! Let us help you weave your way through the clutter of information and land on a plan of action for your specific needs. Step-by-step, we’ll show you products to make your life easier and help you get on track with the foods that make you feel better and live healthier. Whether it’s an allergy, lactose intolerance, or celiac disease, we’ll provide expertise and guidance to get you on a healthy path.

March 16 - Lubbock (50th & Indiana). Noon
March 26 - Amarillo. 6:00pm
March 26- Lubbock (98th & Quaker). 6:00pm
April 7 - Lubbock (19th & Quaker). 6:00pm
April 30 - Amarillo. 6:00pm

Hunt for Good Nutrition

Give your kids a jump on nutrition and health with our group tours, based on their age and developmental needs. This kid-friendly adventure aims to help your child discover fun facts about fruits and vegetables, and learn about the NuVal™ nutrition scoring system. Hands-on experiences get kids involved, making nutrition come alive. This fun and educational tour encourages kids to take part in the shopping experience, opens their eyes to new products, and show them how to make better nutritional choices.

- No tours currently scheduled.

Danger Ranger Tour (ages 4-7)

Hey kids, the Danger Rangers are lost in Market Street! They set out to find their favorite foods but none have returned yet. Thank goodness they left some clues that will help us find them. Join us on this kid-friendly adventure and we'll learn about trying new foods, NuValTM nutrition scoring system, and how to create a healthy plate. Our educational exploration to find all 7 Danger Rangers will help encourage kids to make better choices for better nutrition.

- No tours currently scheduled.



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